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Xelibri was a fashion-oriented range of mobile phones created by Siemens mobile in early 2003.

Two collections each consisting of 4 bizarrely designed phones were released before the Xelibri project was dropped due to poor sales in April 2004.

Although on the outside the designs were eye catching and experimental the technology inside the phones was nothing more than low end unsophisticated Siemens models which lacked all but the most basic features (voice and SMS). This, when coupled with strange keypad design made the phones quite difficult and cumbersome to use.

source: Xelibri - Wikipedia

Xelibri devices 1 - 8

1st and 2nd collection

It’s 2003
future boys and girls and our ingenuity is startling, our foresight astounding.
The human race deserves to give itself a pat on the back. Well done one and all!!!

Xelibri scientists have developed technologies no one ever thought would exist – Personal Communication Devices or, as we call them, PCDs! Small enough to put in one’s pocket, and sure to change our lives. How do they work? Here’s how.

Take your Xelibri PCD. Dial a number that corresponds to that of another device – the owner of which can be almost anywhere, indoors or out, in good or bad weather. Then wait one moment. When they answer you can talk freely and without inhibition. Time and distance barriers have been removed. Xelibri uses unique ‘conversation through air technology’. When you make a ‘call’ we beam your words of love or anger high above the streets of your town – yes yours! Each word stays in exactly the right order and knows exactly where to go. To your friends PCD of course!

There are four Xelibri PCDs in this season’s collection. Check your hair in a mirror, dry your palms on your backside and make sure your breath is fresh, because you are about to meet them all.

First Collection  |  Devices 1 - 4

Pampers Design

1st collection   |   photography by David LaChapelle

XELIBRI - TV advert - That’s so tomorrow  (Mother London) and matching ad-campain (below)
Pampers Design

Second Collection  |  Devices 5 - 8

Product photography by Renken

2nd collection   |   photography by Renken

XELIBRI - Beauty For Sale (David Fincher) and matching ad-campain (below)
Sex and Sensuality

Xelibri was a fashion-phone brand launched by Siemens mobile in 2003. Project management, overall marketing strategy, design process and colour strategy for phones launched twice a year as summer and winter collections, designed for 5 different young, urban target groups.