The Archetypical Look & Feel

The Siemens Mobile Design Language

Once Siemens-BenQ mobile was a global player in consumer communications.
It’s main driver was technology.

Until 2003 all design activities had been managed by the product management and marketing organization (non designers) together with designafairs, a design agency owned to 100% by Siemens and until then its “ lead agency ”.

There was no pull but we’ve changed beliefs and behaviors.

Mid 2003 Siemens Mobile Devices established a Chief Design Office in Munich to develop a design strategy, and to create the “look & feel” of Siemens Mobile Devices.
At it’s time the resulting design language has set a new category standard securing “design leadership” and hence has influenced the design of major competitors like Blackberry and Nokia.

archetypic design language

Pampers Add

SIEMENS GIGASET SL78 Design by Platinum Design, Stuttgart – Red Dot Design Award 2008 - Honourable Mention