Colour Concept Design

Materials, Surfaces, Colour

Partnering with Eblido delavina provides consultancy on:

  • Colour concept design
  • Personalized trend studies and concept development
  • Colour and fabric inspiration
  • Graphics, packaging & communication
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    Pampers loves colour!

    The objective of this project has been to develop a colour palette strategy to allow the Pampers franchise to balance being “one brand,” while differentiating all three tiers. The new Pampers colour palettes should balance the single designs and clearly differentiate the tiers while keeping the typical cheerful and approachable look and feel.

    Conceptual vision work
    Explore and sketch opportunities to create a fresh eyes view.

  • Analyze the color character of the current pack concepts
  • Create possible color identities for new pack concepts
  • Layout a general color clime and specific color palettes (Pampers tiers / franchise)
  • Use the variant color coding as inspiration for the new colors
  • Define color design principles (primary, secondary, accent colors)
  • Describe the use of colors (proportion, layout)
  • Draft Excerpt

  • Color Schemes: What are the right color palette for the three tiers ?
  • What makes it a Pampers?
  • Color Inspirations / Variant Color Coding
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