Brand driven business transformation

A powerful brand identity should be the core of every company

Our approach

Building leadership through identity – Globalization, digitalization and demographic change have led to growing uncertainties and a strong need for orientation and identification.

We help companies and institutions to sharpen and align their strategy, organization and communication in a way that people relate to them and deploy strong bonds, for sustainable business success.

Our approach is unique as it integrates not only management but also employees and external partners. We help you generate new enthusiasm for your brand and tangible brand experiences.

Our offer

Brand Stress Test
What are drivers and barriers for business success from a brand point of view? We examine the current perception of your company´s brand identity regarding its relevance for clients, its differentiation versus competition and identification by executives and employees. With our Brand Stress Test we generate new and powerful insights to strengthen customer acquisition, employee retention and recruitment.

Cultural Activation – Employee mobilization
Corporate culture has become one of the top competitive advantages, both in marketing as well as in employee engagement. Our approach is not about run-of-the–mill mission statements or glossy image brochures. It is about converting the brand identity into specific activation programs, which bring your corporate culture to life. In collaboration with your teams we develop quick wins, which can be put into practice immediately, as well as pilot projects with a longer-term horizon for realization.

How does your company look like in the future?

Identity Lab:
In this module we identify ways for your brand identity to become the successful nucleus of your company. Together we work out approaches of how brand identity can be used as a management tool to lead people and create enthusiasm among your customers.

New Work Lab:
Digital transformation and changes in society’s values influence the way we work together. How will we organize the work of tomorrow? In our New Work LAB we create pragmatic impulses, which combine the entrepreneurial success of the company with the personal satisfaction of the individuals involved in the day-to-day work.

Great Design is Great Business

Our scope of services

Focussing Strategy
# positioning-& brand strategies
# corporate strategies-& basic guiding principles
# transformationstrategies
# growth-& portfoliostrategies
# brand architectures
# brandanalysis & brandaudit
# brandcontrolling & sucess measurements

Activating Organization
# corporate culture/ working culture
# transition/ change management
# leadership-enabling
# employee mobilization
# Internalizing brand identity & values
# employer branding

Optimizing Communication
# brand development & brand structure
# customer experience & touchpoint strategies
# development of communication strategy
# agency selection & guidance

Experts for brands
Partners for change

Analyse with foresight – think holistically – act specialised.
Brand led business transformation requires a high level of expertise in terms of entrepreneurial activity. We are specialists in the fields of strategy, brand management, organisational and personal development and communication. Each of our partners is a specialist in his field with years of experience in different industries.

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