Unifying a global brand

Making it easier for moms to shop

It’s not enough to be different. Great brands are unmistakable.

Visual identities need to have the potential to adapt to a future that is very different from the present. By working with entrepreneurs we are continually learning about the role of visual identity in rapidly changing circumstances. As the pace of change accelerates, even the biggest brands must constantly adapt. That’s why all the visual identities we create are infused with entrepreneurial spirit: They have unlimited potential to adapt to any new challenge or opportunity.

In this case the team started the strategic design process in the diaper aisle – trying to understand the specific needs of moms and observing how they choose diapers, across markets. These consumer insights led to the development of a design strategy and guiding principles that aimed to make it easier for moms to shop.

This included a simplified, more unified system that leverages the strength of the Pampers brand across all products. The team evolved the logo; developed a new visual vocabulary, and packaging and merchandising systems; and created comprehensive global brand guidelines.

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