Iconic Promotions

We believe all promotions can be executed in an iconic way

We help bring new knowledge and process interventions, fresh ideas and emotion to single and multi-brand promotion to systemically deliver great design.

Our offer

Iconic Promotion workshop:
In this module we identify ways for your brand to drive iconic promotions that build equity throug artistic use of your iconic brand assets

Target Target
Our approach

To succeed it is critical to define the challenge, specifically to be clear on who you are targeting and what you want them to do. Then we will expand the challenge into a clear, barrier lead brief reflecting the path to purchase.

Starting the workshop we will share expectations to achieve clarity on the end goal, and the process before opening the creative part of the workshop. To bring everybody on the same page we will present the background and ensure that everybody understands the path to purchase concept and the brand equity.

Individual and group execises will help us create on-pack executions that overcome the barriers filling a wall of ideas to share back, for discussion and identifying themes. Focussing on brand equity, purpose and brand heritage we will make the team understand that iconic executions are ownable. After presenting back and final discussion we will agree which ideas to illustrate and which to pursue further. This will help to give people an iconic idea and ask them to create more executions based on the same strategy.

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Target Target Target Target
  • Moderator
    leads the workshop, maintains energy, keeps to timing, keeps teams on track
  • Synthesisor
    spots seeds of great ideas or themes, leads the decision on which routes to pursue. Also adjusts the P2P if necessary based on the discussion being had
  • Illustrator
    creates fast electronic visualisations of ideas on the computer (aim here is fast capture not improvement or refinement)
  • participants
    generate multiple ideas against the brief (brand mktg. design, design agency, adv agency , ...

  • challenges

    From our experience we know that key issues often are

  • Briefing packaging before critical factors (eg concept or pricing strategy) are locked
  • Objectives in briefs are too generic eg lacking in purchase barriers
  • Objectives are changed throughout the design process
  • Ask for design changes unrelated to objectives or design principles
  • Signing off without meeting success criteria, and fixing on the fly
  • close

    images by Allan Peters