Creating Value by Design

We believe a modern brand must be a culture communicating its values through the products and statements it creates.

Living in an age of transparency consumers seek out brands with values they admire, so a brand can no longer be created as a facade trying to persuade people to buy stuff.

Branding must run deep.
The organization must be structured around the brand, and the people who work there must live by the brand’s values. In short, the brand and the culture of the organization must be one and the same.

Consumers tend to only experience a brand through the physical stuff the organization produces. Exactly that stuff is the proof of a culture’s existence, and it’s where Design should come in.

We help Design Managers find ways to express a brand’s values through everything produced in its name. We support building a material culture that is the brand’s most authentic and convincing communication tool.


We enable (Design) Managers to perform at their best and bring strategic design value to the business within each business unit by raising the level of understanding of design, as a function and as a practice across all functions and levels.

We make other functions aware of what design is, what design does, how to work with design and how design as business partner brings added value to the business.

We help people at all levels to achieve a deeper understanding of design, which will create a culture favorable to design facilitating the day-to-day work of the Design Managers.