Brand Positioning

Faced with ever more choices, consumers seek out brands that have a clear point of view.

Without strong leadership, brands can lose the clarity that made them successful. We help new brands find the clarity they need for a successful launch, and we help existing brands regain the clarity of purpose and design required for future success.

Facing a fragmented brand presence that added confusion to consumers the Vision Care team at Johnson & Johnson was looking for a better understanding of the ideal brand design strategy for the Acuvue product line.

Acuvue brand world

A fragmented brand presence is an opportunity to put into play the strategic thinking, to activate the purpose and apply the identity strategy.

In order to stop erosion of equities the ambition has been to reposition the Acuvue brand beyond vision correction – reclaiming leadership to grow faster than category growth.

The objective has been to leverage the opportunity to establish a global design strategy that helps reposition the brand in a more consistent way across the globe to achieve greater emotional engagement with the consumer (brand love) and to get them understand that Acuvue is a superior product proposition (brand value).


The Purpose is anchored in the brand’s heritage, beliefs and core value it shares with the people it serves.

Pampers Add

Developed hard/soft templates for benefit communication and early brand stretch ideas for innovation pathways.

Building on a global design audit and the material shared by the brand we have identified the gaps in the brand knowledge and presented a more complete picture to the J&J team to help better understand how the brand communicates both verbally and visually across touch-points.

This work enabled the J&J team to better link brand and design with strategic intent, corporate values, and culture to create/add value and build competitive advantage over the long run.

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